Photography: Blue Skies Band [June 2016]

I’ve been volunteered to be my local villages photographer while the local festival is underway to make funds to go towards the church and a local hospice charity. Week two and my Dad and his band played in the church. Here is a handful of my photographs I’m pretty proud with from the night.


To my followers: As a side note, I have a big project currently in the works which I’m dedicating all my time towards, so apologies for the lack of posting since my return from Japan. But I plan to upload more photography up from the Trip and start my reviews and articles again when I can. Twitter and Instagram are still pretty active though, if you want to be nosey and see how I’m progressing creatively.

Japan 2016!

I’ve been away for over a month, but I’ve had a good reason! I’ve spent three weeks in Japan and I’ve finally put together this video to share with you. I posted daily while in Japan on instagram, so more pictures are there to look at and with more detail of what we got up to.

My Swiss Valentines

After last year valentines surprise I didn’t know how he was going to top it. After a month apart at Christmas I was excited for what he said he had in store for me. I knew he was going to take me away somewhere. My only clue was to ‘wrap up warm.

Friday, I find myself at the airport. Passport and boarding pass in my hand for Geneva. He was taking me to Switzerland. My Dad was so jealous.

We arrived at Geneva in the morning, then got on a two hour train journey to Leuk. From Leuk we got a bus to Leukerbad where our hotel was based. We stayed at the Hotel Bristol, which had a spa for us to use as much as we liked. There was a steam room, sauna and a heated outside pool. Swimming in the pool and sitting in the hot tubs was a magical experience as snow began to fall around us. The view was beautiful and the mountains looked very impressive.

We spent most of our time relaxing at the spa and going to local restaurants to try out their food. It was a lovely mini-break away from the UK. We came back on the Monday to normality. My second valentine over. I still miss the landscape and the snow. How my boyfriend will top next year I will never know, but he knows how to spoil me.

I hope everyone who is with someone had a great valentine celebration, but also to those of you who don’t had a fantastic Single Awareness Day.

More photographs are on my instagram

Photography: Snow In January (TBT to 3 years ago!)

Thanks to Facebook making memories of past posts, I found some old photography I took three years ago in January 2013. The memories of that day consisted of sunny walks through the thick layer of snow with my sister and one of my childhood friends; along with sledging, snowball fights and snow angels.

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Liverpool One Christmas Switch On

My friend Ella from back home finally visited me in Liverpool this weekend, and just by chance it was the night of the Christmas light switch on in Liverpool One. A 30m high tree was erected in Paradise Street and is said to be the tallest Christmas tree in the UK. The Switch On wasn’t until 6pm so I gave her a rough tour around the main attractions of Liverpool. I took her to the Albert Dock and got soaked due to storm Abigail having an impact on Merseyside. So we went to Yo! Sushi for dinner instead. We then made a second attempt to go to the Albert Docks and watched the sunset. I shared the knowledge I knew about certain buildings and the history of the docks, which I regeritated from my Geography lecturers when on fieldwork in the city. We then walked around the main shopping district and explored other Christmas activities going on around the city centre.


We waited close to the tree to watch the light display. The weather turned very cold very quickly and I regretted not bringing my coat with me. Luckily, the rain held off for the show. Thousands gathered as Liverpool One was crammed with thousands of people. The lights were turned on by Santa Claus on top of John Lewis as he wielded a flame thrower like contraption. The light show was enhanced with the addition of confetti and fake snow. Christmas tunes played and people began to cheer and sing along. It was a very friendly atmosphere and the community spirit was high. Christmas brings out the best in people.


In the morning we walked to Penny Lane as it was a 30 seconds from my house, before heading back into town. While the Weeping Window was still up from Remembrance Sunday last week, I thought Ella would like to see the amazing tribute to those who have fallen in the World Wars and other conflicts. While it was a rushed visit of just 24 hours in Liverpool Ella really enjoyed her short stay and wants to come back. Which is great for me as there is still so many parts of Liverpool I still wanted to show her.

I’m glad I went this year to the Switch On, and I wished I had gone last year, but I’m really glad I was able to take one of my best friends with me. I was able to show her the best parts of Liverpool and why I love the city.