Earlier Projects – GCSE to AS

2011: At the end of Highschool we had to do individual projects, so I created a trailer for a novel I wrote. Got an A for my Creative & Media Diploma for this section. The novel was about three girls who found out they were gifted with supernatural powers, because they were the Daughters of the Virtue. In this story all being is split into three; The Dimension, Limbo and Earth. The three Daughters are summoned with their Protector to defeat Bram who plans to destory the world. When creating this project I recruited friends from High School, it was filmed in one day.

2011: My acting début was in a Jilted John Music Video. Portraying Julie who is a main character and is a tart. I also helped out with camera work. The project was awarded an A at GCSE.

2012:  Thriller opening for AS (Got an C) – Looking back, I don’t like it. It could have been better, but it was still a modest outcome regarding my skill set at the time of filming and editing. When looking at it again for my A-level exam I am really pleased with the good relationship between the shots and the soundtrack.



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