Music Videos

HI-Low: Homicide 

Duration: June 2014 – July 2014

Hi-Low, also known as Deejay Smith is a young rapper from Norwich. I was approached by him to create a music video for his new song ‘Homicide’ as he wanted to take a more creative approach to his videos. I met up with him to hear is ideas, he was very nice and fully trusted me in filming his music video. Filming took place on the 18th June and editing began on 21st June. I borrowed camera equipment from college in order to produce the best quality footage as well as editing on the Macs in the media department.

Check him out at:
Sound Cloud

Oli Brown: All We Had To Give

Duration: July 2015 – September 2015

Oli Brown is a blues musician from Norfolk. He already has 3 albums under his name and he is now expanding with his band RavenEye which is more rock orientated. As a small summer project for myself I decided to make a music video for one of my favourite songs ‘All We Had To Give’. Planning and the choosing of the song was the hardest. I came up with the plot, then made a call for actors, who happened to be family members. While I had other options they fitted the criteria better as well as other benefits, like already giving me a filming location. The film day was successful and after buying new equipment I successfully made my third music video.



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