Enigma Music Video

Duration: August 2013 – March 2014  

For my last year of College, I and the rest of my class were assigned a summer task to find a band to then work on a music video for. This year me and my friend are working on it together, as she found a band that I like in the local area, called Enigma. Since the project developed, I have now been working solo due to my friend quitting college.  I have been documenting my progress on my college blog. On my blog there is a variation of posts ranging from: brainstorming, production planning, contacting, scheduling, video updates etc.

Enigma are a four peice rock band originating from Norwich, Norfolk




Album and Advertisement Design:

After creating a music video, the second part of the coursework was to create an album design as well as an advertisement, which would be found in a magazine.

Final Products:





Poster #2 MARK 2


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