The Chronicle Of Me: The Introduction #1

I love to write, and it’s always hard to come up with fictional characters and a storyline. During my early-mid teens I would be constantly writing stories. Short or long, I always had characters on the go. My biggest accomplishment was writing my very first novel. I was so proud of it, while my writing skills weren’t amazing the story was there and it was alive.

I spent many nights of my youth walking around the village with my friend, who is a writer like me.  We would brain storm and share our ideas until it was dark. I used to spend hours writing and story boarding. All this imagination I wanted to get out and share. I wrote a handful of short stories which are now obsolete after my laptop got a virus and had to be wiped.

I never got back into it as this occurred the same time I started Sixth-Form and my creativity just evaporated into nothing. I would come up with ideas, only to push them aside because I had lost the motivation to write. So, I thought I would write about me. Like a autobiography, but in small instalments I want to share aspects of my life. It won’t be as dramatic like your everyday thriller novel, but I hope it gives you insight to what a type of person I am and you find some of it entertainment.



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