Carnival Of Madness, Liverpool Echo Arena

Three of your favourite bands under roof, that is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Halestorm and Black Stone Cherry are two of my favourite rock bands. I saw Halestorm live for the first time last year in Manchester and BSC back in 2012. I’ve never seen Shinedown live before and I never really listened to them as much as others, but I knew their biggest hits and let’s just say they left quite an impression.

Highly Suspect

Supporting band Highly Suspect were a decent opening act. As a newly established band on the mainstream rock scene they have great potential. Absolutely in love with the vocals and it was fantastic live. They are like a heavier version of the Arctic Monkeys.


As one of my favourite female fronted rock bands of all time, Halestorm were brilliant. The set mainly consisted of tracks off their newest album Into The Wild Life, along with some older classics such as, ‘Love Bites (So Do I)’ and ‘Freak Like Me’. One of their newer songs ‘Mayhem’ sounded absolutely fantastic live with the intense drum beat and bass line. After seeing him show off for a second time, Arejay Hale has claimed the title of my favourite drummer.


While I didn’t know all their songs, they certainly left an impression. Brent’s vocals were fantastic live. Usually a singers vocals don’t sound as good live compared to on a studio alum. They sung one of their biggest hits, ‘Second Chances’, as well as material of their latest album. Shinedown have definitely come out of the lull they were in previously. I hadn’t heard anything about them for years until the Carnival Of Madness tour, and I wish them the best of luck. They had the strongest stage performance of the evening.

Black Stone Cherry

Black Stone Cherry were to finish the night. I sung every song they performed (except the couple of ones from their upcoming album, Kentucky), including my favourites ‘White Trash Millionaire’, ‘Blind Man’, ‘Things My Father Said’ and the first ever song I heard from them that got me into them which was ‘The Key’. Drummer, John showed off his harmonica skills which was a great addition and emphasised their country background and influence.

The Highlight?

Black Stone Cherry singing ‘Peace Is Free’ with Lzzy Hale. They were in perfect harmony and it sounded beautiful. As my friend said to me, ‘it’s a Black Stone Cherry Hailstorm Love Child!’ If you are going to one of the upcoming gigs of the tour you will thoroughly enjoy it and if you are thinking about going then you should go!


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