Music: Patent Pending’s New Album ‘Riot Hearts Rebellion’

Patent Pending released their newest album on Black Friday last week called ‘Riot Hearts Rebellion’. I expected nothing more from the pop punk band, than another fantastic album. Like with their parody album ‘Mario and the Brickmakers’ they continue to follow their signature music style. The New York band released their album, while touring the UK with Zebrahead.

 patent penfinh

Apart from loving the entire album, my favourite song has to be ‘Dating A Dick’. Following the similar style of previous songs ‘Douchebag’, ‘Hey Mario’, ‘All Star Hipster’ and ‘Classic You’. The musical twist to ‘Dating A Dick’ makes it a perfect to sing-along song. Their focus on writing comical material is what makes Patent Pending different from other bands. Their popularity into the UK rose in 2013, when they toured with Bowling For Soup. They are one of my favourite bands and even if they haven’t reached mainstream audiences, they will continue to produce unique and distinctive music.

If you like listening to something different then they are worth a listen. You may have possibly found your new favourite band?

Check them out on…



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