Series Review: Doctor Foster (BBC Drama)

The BBC always gives the audience a good drama in the autumn and Doctor Foster is no exception. Despite my pessimistic attitude to the first episode with my exact thinking, ‘how the hell are they going to make this into a 5 part drama?’ But the BBC delivered perfectly.

We are set up with this perfect little family until the wife, Doctor Gemma Foster, learns that her husband Simon has been cheating on her, when she finds a blonde strand of hair on his scarf. First, it keeps you guessing. It makes you assume she is just a paranoid wife whose marriage is becoming lifeless. However, the plot twist at the end of the premiering episode is jaw dropping, when you know it is for real and that other main characters know of it, including her best friend. It ends in a jaw dropping first episode.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 14.11.54Actress Suranne Jones took the lead role and played her character beautifully. We watched her character transition into many stages from a kind loving wife, to emotionally desperate then to being cold and vengeful. At first I thought it was going to be a dry, predictable drama, but I was mistaken straight away by the second episode. My hatred for the cheating husband Simon amplified, when we learnt he had put the family in a financially damaging situation. The climatic final episode was gripping, as it felt like everything the audience had learnt over the past four episodes was about to come together in a revelation. Thus, giving the series an explosive final ten minutes.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 14.12.28

Doctor Foster demonstrated the wild and outrageous lengths she would go to get revenge of his betrayal. By tricking Simon, as well as the audience into what they thought she had done. The cruelness of her actions illustrated how far some people will go, in order to make people realise how much pain someones actions have caused. In response to her actions, we see the other side of Simon in a sudden twist. In the concluding scenes it seems everything has been sorted with Gemma getting what she wants. A truly gripping series.


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