Stand Up & Rock with Jasper Carrot

My parents bought us tickets to see Jasper Carrott at the Regent theatre in Ipswich. As well as Carrott’s stand up performance there was also the Ben Bevan Band which made up half of the performance. With guest appearances from Geoff Turton from the 1960’s band the Rockin’ Berries and Joy Strachan-Brain from Quill.


Jasper Carrott was one of my parent’s favourite comedians and they were thrilled to see him touring again. So they took us along as well to see one of their well-loved comedians in action. Apart from a couple of jokes I didn’t get because I was under the age of 35, he was incredibly funny. You could relate to so many jokes and he played to the audience who were quick off the mark with some of the punch lines. My mum was crying with laughter at one gag about sleeping. One aspect of Carrott’s performance, which I admired was his lack of swearing and rudeness. Which reminds us that good comedy doesn’t need to be crude or rude like it mostly consists of today.

After some stand up from Carrott we then were given music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s by the Ben Bevan Band. Turton from the Rockin’ Berries voice was exactly the same as it was back in the 60’s and Strachan-Brain’s vocal skills were unbelievably powerful. Luckily being brought up liking my parents music really added to my enjoyment of the song selection. I loved it and it was a nice mix of both comedy and live music. Definitely would go again! It was a fabulous night.


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