Film Review: Absolutely Anything

Absolutely Anything was a decent film. The plot was weird, but it worked and it was fast-moving and funny. One thing I hate about certain films are the slow parts. Those parts that make you want to look at your watch during the film, when you should be paying attention. This film was anything but that, however the comedy side a little disappointing.


With the cast full of comedy legends I was expecting more laugh out loud humour than just mere giggles. There were certain parts particularly with Dennis the dog which I found fairly funny, because I could relate to my own dog. The appearance of the pythons together was great even if they were in CGI alien form.


The plot follows Simon Pegg’s Neil character who is given the ability to do absolutely anything he wants to do. The higher beings (aka monty python) gave him these powers in order to see in whether or not to destroy Earth. If he uses his powers for good then the planet won’t be destroyed; during this time Neil is unaware of this consequence. The romance with his neighbour Catherine was also a nice touch.

The film itself was good, but it wasn’t anything special. Usually TV comedians struggle making a feature-length film, but this is an exception. I was hoping for it to be better because of the cast line up; but it wouldn’t have made a difference if they had got unknown actors instead. If they made it into a certificate 15 film rather than 12 it would of had so much more potential. Good attempt but I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to buy it on DVD.


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