Film Review: Inside Out

I went to go see Inside Out with some friends last week. All I had seen over the past few weeks was Inside Out being constantly praised by critics and marketed all over the place, including Sky and Subway adverts. The concept of having little people as your emotions is a great idea, and I think as a child you would think things like that. Other similar things from childhood come to mind like their being a little man inside the radio and when it rains it is when God is having a shower. It’s just one of those concepts that children and adults can relate to.


I really enjoyed the film. I liked the jokes put in for adults such as the emotions of Mum and Dad at the dinner table and the puberty button. Of course being a kids film it ticks all the boxes with likeable characters and a decent story line. It went through various childhood phases such as the ‘perfect boyfriend’ and an imaginary friend, which a small majority of the audience can relate to. My sister had an imaginary friend when she was little, who had an imaginary little sister.


The only problem I had with the film, which my sister pointed out to me was how the plot moved forwards. It was repetitive with different islands falling down delaying Joy and Sadness’ return to headquarters. It could have been better if there was just one problem that they had to overcome.


I hope there is a sequel with Riley hitting puberty as that would make a better story line; incorporating all of the emotions being tested. Considering all the emotions of different people at the end of the film; I think they would be a lot more interesting than Riley herself. Sorry Riley. It is a really good film and I do urge you to go see it, it’s definitely a kids film and the concept does hold a lot of potential.


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