Film Review: Ted 2

I really enjoyed Ted 2. It was a decent sequel and had many moments of great comedy. To whether you would enjoy the film really depends on one thing. Do you like Family Guy? And if that is a no then you probably wouldn’t enjoy it. Ted 2 is definitely more Family Guy-esk with the targeted humour and addition of cut scenes (I reference Ted becoming a prostitute). And of course riddled with pop culture references. I have to admit, I will never be able to look at Amanda Seyfried without picturing Gollum ever again.


The plot follows Ted and Tami-lyn who get married and plan to have a baby. However, according to the government Ted has no human rights, as he is classed as property. John and Ted hire newly trained lawyer Samantha L. Jackson in order to sue the government and get Ted acknowledged as a person .


Two of the funniest moments involved the participation of Tom Brady and Liam Neeson. The build up and the execution of the Tom Brady segment was funny; and it also questioned how amazing Tom Brady’s nether regions really are, in order to make him father your child. However, the scene with Liam Neeson buying Trix at the supermarket was equally as funny, but this was due to the references to Neeson’s Taken film franchise. Of course other key moments involved the typical gross and dirty jokes as displayed in Macfarlane’s other works. One in particular that made me and many others coil with disgust was the scene with John and Ted in the sperm donor storage room. This of course ended with John on the floor covered in strangers semen, in his eyes and mouth. Totally gross, but totally hilarious.


The only aspect of the film that I would put as a negative was the consistent drug use throughout the film. It wasn’t really necessary to have it shoved in your face pretty much throughout the film. It was just there to get extra laughs, such as the bong shaped as a penis. Even though theme is also present in the prequel, I felt that the magnitude of the drug use was much higher in Ted 2 and it didn’t benefit from this.

Overall Ted 2 is a funny film and has a variety of comedic references to keep you on your toes while you have a good giggle. If you don’t find Macfarlane and his material funny, then don’t bother watching it, you will probably hate it. But for me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.



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