Oli Brown @ The Flower Pot, Derby

On my way home from university it just so happened that one of my favourite blues/rock artists Oli Brown was playing in Derby on June 6th. Oli Brown is a local blues artist from Norfolk and he was the first ever gig I went to back in 2010 and since then it’s been a tradition to go see him with my Dad every year. I missed him at his annual December gig, because I was still at University. So everything worked out perfectly.

Seeing Oli Brown play the blues brilliantly on stage once again was a fantastic experience. As the dedicated fan that I am I sung along to every song off his albums, especially when he performed one of my favourite  song ‘Speechless’ and gave us a midday break with a mini acoustic session. Before I defined myself a solid rock music lover, Oli made me fall in love with blues with his brilliant voice and guitar skills.


The venue itself was above my expectations. We slept and ate in the venue and when I getting ready for the gig we could hear them rehearse below us. We didn’t have to worry about rushing off to get home (which was usually a 40 minute drive away) so it was a more pleasent experience all round.

The night ended way too quickly, which is always a good sign of a brilliant performance.  After the show we waited to talk to Oli himself and he is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. An even bigger plus was getting a selfie with him which topped my night. Meeting Oli Brown was bigger to me then when I met Olly Murs back in October. Words cannot describe the joy on my face.  This was the fifth time I’ve seen Oli live and he is consistent in top quality performances.

You can check out Oli’s website here and also buy his albums! They are amazing!



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