My Favourite Youtuber: Cryoatic (ChaoticMonki)

When I was in Year 11 I used to spend many hours on Youtube watching a variety of content. I then began my own collection of Youtubers who I would watch on a daily or weekly basis. Some of those Youtubers included names such as OMFGit’sJack&Dean, Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, Tomska, Pewdiepie, Tobuscus, FineBrothers, but my favourite YouTube personality is Cry (cryoatic).

Who is Cry?

ChaoticMonki (commonly known as Cryoatic/Cry) is like Pewdiepie and Tobuscus, in which he produces play-through’s for a range of games, usually horror themed. However, unlike many online gamers Cry has never showed his face and only uses audio to express his reaction. I first found Cry through the most subscribed person on Youtube, Pewdiepie as they would collab and I found Cry funnier than Pewdiepie, on top of this magical voice. (FULL CRY BIO HERE)

Why is Cry my favourite Youtuber? 

Created by Brennifer
Created by Brennifer

Since Year 11 I have been busy; commitments and interests change. I have been watching less and less Youtube videos and Cry is the only survivor. I watch his videos every day (or binge watch in one evening if I fall behind). What I also love about Cry is his determination to keep his private life private as much as possible, which I really admire. He has been able to make people love him just by his voice and the personality which is conveyed through his videos.

Another thing I love about Cry is the artwork and the creation of Sup Guy. Sup Guy is the only visual representation of him. The main types include:  Thneed, Mad Cry, Virus Cry, Handsome Cry and Drunk Cry who is commonly found in his live-streams on Twitch. (I created my own mini Sup Guy out of clay, but sadly he broke when I moved up to Liverpool. Sad times)

Cry doesn’t just play video games (known as Let’s Plays) but also readings of fanfictions involving him or stories from Creepypasta or other online sources.

Fanfic of Cry and Pewdiepie as read by them

Cry Best Moments Montage

Check out his:


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