Top 3 – My Favourite Foreign Bands

I listen to a lot of different types of music and some that music isn’t necessarily from British or American artists. Here are 3 bands that I rather like that are from different countries.

1) Eskemo (France)


Eskemo are a French emo/punk rock band. The 5-piece band are fairly young (similar age to myself) and have been active since 2007. All their songs are in French.  The band is made up of the lead singer Romain Brois and his younger twin brothers Benjamin (bass) and Maxime (drums) and two guitarists Remi and Enzo. The main reason I like this band is because of their songs, they are easy to sing along to and catchy, even if they are in French and it’s my type of genre that I listen to the most. I even went as far as buying their album Eskemo V.1 when it first came out. I still listen to it and sing along (even if I can’t pronounce the lyrics right, I try!)

Song Recommendations: Eternise Moi , Dans se Reve, Oublie-Moi Better Life


2) Sunrise Avenue (Finland)


I found Sunrise Avenue through Youtube trawling, back in my Year 11 days when my life existed around Youtube. I heard ‘Fairytale Gone Bad’ and instantly fell in love with the Finnish rock band. Formed back in 2002 the band has been going for many years and have 7 albums.  The band currently consists of 4 members; Samu Haber, Raul Ruutu, Sami Osala and Riku Rajamaa and they sing in English. The style of music varies between rock ballads to pop-rock songs. I also bought one of their albums (Out of Style, 2011 ) because I love them so much. Their songs can be so serious, but then so funny.  The video for ‘Welcome to My Life’s still makes me want to cry everytime I see it, where as ‘Birds and the Bees’ always makes me laugh.

Song Recommendations: Fairytale Gone Bad, Welcome to My Life, Hollywood Hills & Birds and the Bees


 3) Unsun (Poland)


Described as Gothic Metal Unsun was formed in 2006 by husband and wife, Maurycy Stefanowicz (vocals) and Anna Stefanowicz (guitar). Including other band members Patryk Malinowski (bass guitar) and Wojtek Blaszkowski (drums).  I found Unsun through Youtube by accident, but I’m glad I did. I fell in love with Anna’s voice and the songs are so good. Again, they sing in English. They’re style has been compared to bands such as Evanescence and Within Temptation. Clinic for Dolls (2010) is my favourite album and is worth a listen.

Song Recommendations: The Lost Way, Whispers, The Last Tears & Time



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