24th Feb – BFI Interview

Short post, but there is only so much you can say about an interview…

This week has been unusually busy and non-stop which makes a change. On Tuesday I had an interview for a film for the British Film Institute about my experiences from the film academy and what led on from that.  The film would then be shown at the residential in April this year.  I was met by film-maker Tim Copsey  at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. From there I was taken downstairs into a small cinema where they had set up two lights, a camera and I had to wear a mic.


I was asked several questions about where I’m from, what I did on the course and what I am now doing since film academy.  I answered them with confidence and embedded the question into my answer well (I think). I was then complimented on my interview skills and if I had anything else to add. It only took half an hour. Which meant more time to go shopping in Manchester. Me and my friend did get lost in Primark. I thought the one in Liverpool was huge, I was very much mistaken!


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