My Valentines

This year it was my first proper Valentine’s with my boyfriend. He had a surprise for me while, I had bought him several presents of including a real Italian leather wallet which was more than 50% off – bargain! And products from Mankind. All I asked for was flowers. In particular my favourite flowers – tulips. However, I wasn’t expecting so many!

He then took me to the surprise which was just half an hour away. It was a hotel and spa break at Macdonald Croxton. I had a feeling it would be something like this as I was instructed to bring my swimsuit, but I was still very excited. There was a pool, sauna and steam room which we tried out when we got there, then we had a fancy meal in the evening. Three course: salmon, steak and chocolate torte. Not forgetting the wine.

On the Sunday morning we had a lovely breakfast before rushing off to our spa appointments as we had over slept. We were both booked in for a back massage. It was so relaxing and then we spent time in the relaxation rooms and then back to the pool and sauna. It was a perfect weekend.

The flowers ended up being in two vases and one drinking glass because there wasn’t enough room. My room not looks like a florists, but I love it. Below I have shared some photographs.











3 thoughts on “My Valentines

    1. Thank you Moritz – I hope your valentines day was just as good. I asked for tulips, not just because they were my favourite flower, but also made him work harder as everyone assumes a girl wants roses 😉

      1. Absolutely. I also went for a hotel stay with my girlfriend.

        It looks like he did his job amazingly. Maybe next time you’ll have an even tougher job for him? 😀

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