My 5 Favourite TV Dramas

5) Doctor Who


From previous posts some people will have established my love/hate relationship with Doctor Who. During recent series I started to review some of the earlier episodes and posting them on here. The series which had shown a great improvement, while the series prior was just awful. They fluctuated on how good they were, but generally they were pretty entertaining. I will admit now, however I didn’t see the last episode where apparently Danny dies? I was busy and I was never bothered enough to watch it, my interest drifted towards the end. Despite this, I will still be a fan of Doctor Who no matter what. The years of Eccleston and Tennant have some significance.

4) The Musketeers


The Musketeers is into its second series. While the first one was a little bit ‘meh’, the second series has picked up. I caught up with four episodes recently on iPlayer and I got very involved with the plots and rather enjoyed them. I didn’t get bored halfway through like before and I think with a bit more development and if we give it a little more time it has potential.

3) Sherlock


Sherlock is a well-loved series and I’m really sorry it is not at no. 3, but it’s because we have to wait two years for the next series! Cumberbatch and Freeman are a great Sherlock and Watson and always will be. The details in each case and how they solve them is brilliant and always keeps you guessing. When the first series came out I missed the hype for it, but I soon joined in and have been an avid fan since. The writers and cast are top quality and I can’t really pick out anything wrong with it – except having to wait ages, but it will be worth it.

2) Death in Paradise

Death in Paradise

After Ben Miller’s departure Kris Marshall took over the lead role as DI Humphrey Goodman. A British detective is assigned the beautiful Caribbean paradise Saint-Marie and with his team they uncover unusual murder cases on the island. Like with Sherlock it keeps you guessing on how a murder was committed in what looks like impossible situations. While the murders are treated with all seriousness the comedy in the series is a fantastic balance complementing the lovable characters. I love it so much and it makes a change from what could be considered the more popular dramas out there.

It has become a family tradition (minus my killjoy of a twin sister) to dance to the opening and ending credits of each episode.

 1) Call the Midwife


Call the Midwife… Yes it’s mostly about babies so I understand if certain people get bored with it. My Dad only made it through the first series and occasional episodes, because it was repetitive. Fair enough, but what do you expect with the title “Call the Midwife”. Set in the 1950’s to 1960’s the series revolves around the midwives of Poplar undergoing daily jobs, some more serious than others. As it’s progressed over the years the different story lines have become more complex and controversial of that time. It’s not just about babies. It brings up problems of other natures and looks at social conventions within that time period. As well as babies they look at homosexuality, poverty, disease and prostitution. For me it’s very interesting and somewhat education, even though there is a frequent change around of characters they are all likeable. Call the Midwife has made me cry on occasion depending on the story, but also made me laugh with the comedic relief that comes in the form of Fred or Sister Monica Joan. It highlights just how powerful a TV series screen writing can be.


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