BFI Speech on 6th December ’14

On the 6th of December I had the honour to give a speech at the BFI showcase. This took place around 7:30pm in the Fusion Lounge in my home town Norwich. I travelled back from Liverpool the day before to be apart of the event. I was absolutely bricking it, so I spent a good few hours drafting a speech. The speech was about my experiences of BFI: Film Academy and what I have done since.


The event was black tie themed with a red carpet and professional photographers. Due to the fact I was a guest speaker at the showcase I got special seats reserved at the front and had photographs taken. It was excited to be back in Norwich, considering I hadn’t been back since I left for University. Being with my family and my boyfriend made the occasion extra special.

I met up with old alumni members Joe, Hamish and Adam who took part in the film academy when I did.  Joe was now working within the programme and he also had to give a speech.  I hadn’t seen them in about 2-3 years apart from bumping into Hamish and Adam a year earlier when I found them filming the teacher protests outside the forum. It was nice to catch up and talk about what we were doing now and asking about other old alumni.

I was introduced by Elli as a veteran member as I was in the programme launching year. There was about a good 200 people sitting in the crowd. I took up my speech and I didn’t even look at it. I rambled on in places and got a few laughs as I explained the things that I had done since film academy and how far I had come as a person. As well as crediting the course and it’s members I also thanked my parents, especially my Dad as I mentioned him three times, instead of the once I initially planned.

I had always been a quiet person and still are in some circumstances, but when I get involved in something I’m passionate about I am a different person. The me back in 2012 would have never agreed to doing a speech or  try something out of my comfort zone. If I hadn’t applied for film academy when I did I don’t think I would have done half the things I have accomplished in the last couple of years.

2015 is here, let’s see what it holds!

Note: I’m still waiting for photographs, I will add them as soon as I get them!


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