Film Review: Night at the Museum 3

It’s been a while since I last posted anything on my blog. I’m really sorry if anyone reads my blog a lot, but I had my birthday, Christmas, New Years, essays and moving back to university to deal with so I will try to get back up to speed with things. To start off the New Year with my first review is Night at the Museum 3, which I saw for my 19th birthday.

Usually as sequels progress in films they tend to get worse as they go on, an example in my opinion are the Shrek films. They should have really stopped after the second one. However, Night at the Museum looked good and considering other films on at the time this was my favoured choice.

While I was worried it would be rubbish, I was wrong. It was a nice family film and it was nice to end of the Night at the Museum franchise, especially since Robin Williams sad death in 2014. His character was one of the main and best in the whole film series. How can you not like Robin Williams? The man is a legend.  Jedediah and Octavius continued to be my favourite characters as always, particularly when they got lost in the vents. Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan are just a perfect duo.


The plot itself to meet Ahkmenrah’s parents was an interesting one. The tablet starts to lose its colour along with its power and slowly turn the manikin’s back into wax during the night. In order to fix this from the museum falling silent Larry and Nick with some wax work friends had to travel to London to get the answers from Ahkmenrah’s parents. They travelled the British Museum, which was pretty fun as I was able to recognise some exhibits that I had seen when I went a few years ago. Also to witness the British stereotype as played by Rebel Wilson as the security guard Tilly was a mixture of funny and strange. Strange referring to falling in love with a caveman.


The film was more like a conclusion as well as focusing on the drama which unfolded in the narrative. I am assuming it’s probably the third and final film. The ending of the film was actually pretty sad, because it was all coming to an end for Larry and his friends. Larry was moving on with his life and it was left up to the curator to continue it on.

My ultimate favourite part, which is incredibly biased is Hugh Jackman’s cameo appearance.  Lancelot confronts Hugh Jackman and Alice Eve on stage thinking they are the real King Arthur and Guinevere.  Personally, I have a biggest crush on Hugh Jackmanand the best way to describe it would be a ‘fan girl’. So of course, I was squealing especially when there is a wolverine reference.  

Night at the Museum was a great family film, granted it wasn’t as good as the first two, but it wasn’t appalling. Some of the jokes got a little old, but the story moved at a reasonable pace and the characters we still as delightful. I really enjoyed it and it is definitely one for the kids.


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