Music: Paramore – Emo to Hipster?

It’s almost been ten years ago since All We Know Is Falling (2005) came out. Geez. I feel old and I haven’t even reached my twenties yet.

Paramore, as most long term fans would have noticed is the bands change in music style. Their first 3 albums have definitely got that emo/alternative vibe, whereas their most recent album self-titled ‘Paramore‘ has taken a more pop orientated turn. I’ve been a fan since I was 13 and when they released Anklebiters and Still Into You I was shocked.


 I was shocked that they transformed so much. I didn’t like it at all. When the Farro brothers left Paramore, I was really gutted, but I never realised how much of a influence they possibly had on the band. Monster was the first single released after their departure. Monster is one of my favourite singles by the band, however, I never expected them to jump so suddenly in range in their newest album.

I didn’t like the new songs at first, frankly I was quite upset, but after a while I stopped being stubborn and accepted it. Bands experiment all the time and people just don’t like change, but it happens. Another example would be Green Day, who created the rock hit American Idiot and then they come out with a recent song Kill the DJ. It just shocks you, but if you produce the same type of song over again, it gets repetitive and how are you going to reach out to more fans? You either are going to love the change or hate it.


Paramore’s image has also changed. I guess you can describe it as more Hipster, but it’s popular. As long as Hayley keeps her colourful trademark hair, I’m happy. The re-branding that Paramore has undergone can be suggested as more mainstream as they are playing at stadium level gigs. Pop music is seen as the most popular music genre and being mainstream instantly links to that. Most songs played on stations such as BBC1, Heart or Captial FM aren’t going to be on the same level as Black Stone Cherry or Guns ‘N’ Roses. It’s lighter and more upbeat. If would wanted to listen to more rocky music you would go to stations like Kerrang! Radio or Planet Rock Radio.

Paramore have moved from being Emo to mainstream. Whether it’s to reach more audiences in the mainstream market or just because, I will still like Paramore. I admit, I don’t like them as much as I once did, but I still give them credit for their worldwide success and taking the risk to lose fans in order to try something different. The fact that “Old Paramore” is actually a thing online puts further emphasis that their has been a change and I’m not the only one to acknowledge it. Paramore haven’t completely ‘converted‘ as their rock influences still seep through.

What do you think?

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