Sorry guys, but this is going to be a boring one

This week I have nothing interesting to say. I’ve just finished freshers week at University and now the studying starts. One girl broke her toe and another dislocated her shoulder in the last night. The first day consisted of 3 lectures and a 2 hour seminar, The day started at 9am and finished at 6pm. Also the fire alarm went off at 7am as a practice drill which really made the day fantastic *sarcasm* not to mention the cold wet weather. Brrrrr!

Although the lectures are pretty boring the content is actually rather interesting and the seminar was really interesting as we had to make up our own PR campaign in an hour for an army charity. My group came up with Saving Soldiers with the slogan “Giving, because they gave” and our ideas for radio and TV adverts were pretty cool!

I really love living in halls. I’m in an all girl halls which is really nice. Everyone is so friendly and I’ve already made friends within the halls and today in media. The girls brought up the myth that the halls are haunted. Two saying they saw ghosts. One while in the shower and the other was a tap at the window. CAM01633Then it was explained that the university used to be an old hospital and the level below us used to be the morgue. I doubt anyone slept that night. My halls is also referred to Harry Potter Halls, because it’s so grand! The only thing that bugs me is living next to the common room and the bell outside. Good job my sister packed industrial earplugs!

Hopefully everything will stay good! Just need to get into the swing of things now and get to know more people and work hard.


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