Music: Mario And The Brick Breakers by Patent Pending

So this week I finally got to see the short documentary-movie of ‘Mario & The Brick Breakers’, starring New York pop punk band Patent Pending.

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They have self-released six albums before releasing their debut album Save Each Other, the Whales Are Doing Fine in 2006.  There more recent album Brighter was released in 2013. I first came across Patent Pending when they opened for Bowling for Soup on their farewell UK Tour in 2013. Despite never hearing of them before, I thoroughly enjoyed their performance on stage and found myself singing along to catchy chorus’. Usually when I come across support acts at a gig I don’t like them, or don’t research them further after the night, because they haven’t made a big impression on me. Patent Pending were different. I enjoyed their performance, so much so that I saw them again in April of 2014, with indie rock duo People on Vacation (Jaret Reddick & Ryan Hamilton). Me and my best friend Kim went to a meet and greet, however, our shy star struck selves cocked up any good conversation starters we could have had. Thus, ending in embarrassment and regret.

Meet 'n' Greet with Patent Pending and People on Vacation. Me (Right) Best Friend Kim (Left)
Meet ‘n’ Greet with Patent Pending and People on Vacation. Me (Right) Best Friend Kim (Left)

Mario and the Brick Makers is a new project started this summer (2014). Patent Pending take the roles as fictional gaming characters from the Mario franchise. Each band member taking on different character roles. The movie is about the break down of the band as the rise in fame becomes too much, of course with gaming references throughout. Link from the Legend of Zelda makes a appearance as a famous DJ. A mini album to go with the movie has also been distributed on itunes and spotify. The album contains 6 songs, along with a popular song of their Mario from their 2013 album Brighter. My favourite song on the album has to be Rainbow Road, it’s just such a cute duet between Mario and Princess Peach. Patent Pending in general are good fun, sending out good messages such as suicide awareness and prevention within their music as well as having fun along the way. This is one of the many reasons that I love this band, as well as producing fantastic music to dance and sing to.

You can check them out on:





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