Anime Thoughts: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Despite being the targeted demographic, usually I find Shoujo anime so annoying I want to punch the lead heroine hard in the face. shock

However, this new anime Gekkan no nozaki kun has the opposite reaction. The anime plot line starts with cute high school student Chiyo Sakura, who attempts to ask out Umetarō Nozaki. Her bad wording of asking him our ends up with her receiving an autograph from the guy she fancies. Later she learns Nozaki is a shoujo manga artist and the creator of the shoujo manga ‘Let’s Fall in Love’ which is published in the magazine Monthly Girls’ Romance. Nozaki then involves her in helping with his manga filling in the beta sections.


Nozaki is completely oblivious to Sakura’s crush which is made very clear. Nozaki also has some sort of feelings for her which is hinted in certain scenes when he wants to put her in a sailor outfit and picks a figure with similar hair to her for research. Of course, he is once again oblivious to his own feelings. This romantic comedy also invites a variety of characters which brings more excitement into the story.


Mikoshiba (Mikorin) has been described as the love child of Rin (from Free!) and Tamaki (from Ouran Host Club). He is a assistant of Nozaki, but also is the inspiration for the female lead in the manga. His skill is filling backgrounds with flowers to bring out a character’s charms and conveying their emotions. He also has a very niche hobby of collecting female figurines and is incredibly shy and gets embarrassed easily, despite his popularity.


The school Prince and the President of the drama club have a very special relationship. It isn’t so much of a romantic one, but my sister said it’s like a parent and a child relationship. The Prince (Yū Kashima) although being a girl uses her charm to swoon all the girls in the high school with full confidence and charm. This makes all the boys envy her as they struggle to approach girls. Her confidence this gives her the gift of being a very good actress and starring in all the school plays. Which brings me to the President (Masayuki Hori) who is extremely violent towards her when she skips club sessions and disrupts other members. However she is his preferred actor and does like her. The number of times Kashima is beaten up and bruised it just hilarious, especially since she brushes it off and continues as normal. Hori also helps Nozaki with the manga’s background designs as his assigned skill.


Yuzuki Seo is like the extreme anime version of my friend Sophie. Of course that means nothing to you, because you don’t know her. Seo is the contrast of  Mikorin and creates conflict with Nozaki’s basketball friend Hirotaka Wakamatsu. Seo also part of the inspiration for the male lead in Nozaki’s male character. The relationship between Seo and Wakamatsu is a great side story, because Wakamatsu can’t stand her but is in love with her by her singing voice which goes under the nickname Glee Club’s Lorelei. Wakamatsu doesn’t know this, but Nozaki does and so does the audience so it’s a little inside joke.  Hopefully he will find out soon! I just want to see the look on his face when he realises.

gekkan shoujo nozaki kun 2

So that’s an introduction to the characters, all with their interesting little personality traits and a bit about the initial plot. Nozaki-Kun does break some traditional features in Shoujo, where the main heroine is all emotional and useless. Here Sakura actually has common sense and is down to earth, unlike some of the others. In some ways you can relate to her, as you share similar reactions to what other characters in the series do.

This series has be a joy to watch and it I’m so glad about the new episode on Sunday on Crunchy Roll. I seriously recommend it!


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