Series Review: Doctor Who “Into the Dalek”

That’s more like it!

YES! I’m so happy about this episode. I think I was a little bit harsh in my review of last weeks episode, but I do stand by my opinion and the points I made. This Danny Pink character is already in my good books, just by the crying. He has a back story and I want to know what it is! You can also already see from the clarity in the episode with the Doctors opinion of soldiers, so there is to be a definite conflict between the Doctor and Mr Pink. Which will ultimately test Clara’s and the Doctor’s new found friendship.


The plot was also very much improved. It’s the type of plot you want. Action packed with drama and the questioning of ethics and moral, “Am I a good person?”. You have to adore the Doctor’s darker side, it’s so mysterious and adds suspense and tension to the story lines. If the rest of the series continues like “Into the Dalek”, I think the ratings will rise again. It doesn’t seem to be as childish as the last series, I feel that it is returning back to it’s earlier roots with Eccleston and Tennant.

The level of humour and drama worked perfectly, because sometimes too many jokes it seems really cheesy and too much drama it can be hard hitting. I think the balance was perfect.

I also like Rusty’s possible future on the show, especially since he is like a double agent. Despite being still evil, his malfunction and the consequence of what he had become by unlocking his memories has made him a dark horse. The episodes ends with Rusty setting off to exterminate the rest of the daleks, which we can assume is going to be bad-ass. Definitely a dalek you can’t hate.

I look forward to next weeks episode! Please start a good trend in your quality of episodes 🙂


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