Review: New Episode ‘Deep Breath’, New Series of Doctor Who

A disappointment!

Honestly, I got bored after 10 minutes. I love Capaldi’s new portrayal as the doctor a lot and Clara seems to have been better in this episode. The plot, however, was awful. You can’t have a dinosaur in London and then after 5 minutes just not bother about it and go on about cyborgs. During the episode I got very bored and along with my Whovian friends we turned to Facebook and Twitter to vent out our frustration.

The best bit in the episode for me was when Strax threw the newspaper at Clara and it hit her on the head and just fell down slap stick style. Twitter was furiously active with critics like myself, some even calling for Matt Smith to come back. That’s not even the problem. Age doesn’t matter, they are the ones who had Matt Smith down as eye candy, you can’t really do the same with Capaldi because he’s the old enough to be your own dad. Bringing the age up has gone back to the earlier series which was the best. All the doctors portrayals have been great, it’s the WRITING!

As much as I want to continue being a forever long fan of Doctor Who, I’m filled with almost shame to be a fan. The only time I had any emotion like I used to was right at the end when Clara got a phone call from the Doctor before he changed (Matt Smith). With Capaldi and Jenna talking and accepting the change, that was good. I liked that.

Also the ending with the woman and the cyborg, I mean his boyfriend? Has River Song come back in the form as another actress or as a new regeneration? Too much in one episode!

All they needed to focus on was the regeneration of the Doctor and Clara dealing with not having a crush on him and having to sort out the dinosaur. That would have made me and probably most other fans happy. This is the first time I have ever been bored and gone onto my laptop to do other things rather than watch this episode. If they just simplified it then it would of been so much easier for people to follow and get into.

I will watch next weeks and hope for it to pick up, but we will have to wait and see.

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