Film Review: Inbetweeners 2

When I entered the cinema I knew I was going to laugh, but not as hard as I did. Nor did I think I was going to get so grossed out that I  would gag. The Inbetweeners succeeded in creating another brilliant film, and possibly breaking a record for the amount of male genitalia shown. I can see why it broke the UK record for opening day for a comedy.

The first time the audience in the cinema broke into a proper roar of laughter was within the first 5 minutes, with a Labrador taking the lead by licking Neil’s balls. First of all it was disgusting, but Neil’s reaction was classic. Of course seeing the boys continue to fail to get girlfriends, or in Simon’s case to get rid of his was the main plot line of the film, focusing on Jay desperately missing Jane who dumped him and who then travelled out to Australia in order to find her. The jokes were repetitive and similar, but what do you expect if the characters are the same as they are in the TV Series, it wouldn’t be the Inbetweeners otherwise.


The biggest cringe moment of the film had to be at Splash Planet. On mission to woo Will’s old friend Katie and Jay searching for Jane, the lads go to a massive water park. Unleashing prime opportunities for several comical mishaps. One in particular was Neil’s irritable bowels. Which causes Neil to ‘follow through’ down a water slide, which Will has just gone down. You then watch a intensely funny scene, when it cuts from Will to the faeces which is ever so slightly getting closer and closer. It ends with Will getting it in the face, causing him to vomit in the pool uncontrollably, ultimately closing the park for the rest of the day.

I could go on about other moments within the film but you should go see it for yourself. If you are a fan of the Inbetweeners then it is a definite must! I would describe the Inbetweeners as having a niche audience taste. If you find things too offensive or are overly sensitive about adult topics then you probably wouldn’t like it. I would describe it as a very British film as we have a very defined humour to those in other countries. An example would be the US Verison of The Inbetweeners and the contrast in ratings and success. The script was pretty much the same substituting the British slang for American slang, suggesting possibly the culture of the native country has an impact of it’s popularity.

The reviews in general have been very positive. Depending on whether it is your type of film you will either love it or hate it.

In my case I love it!

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Earlier this year I made a video for College discussing the Inbetweeners and its relation to social realism. Feel free to watch by clicking here which will take you to my A2 blog. I apologise now, for my ridiculously posh boring voice.


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