Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy *Spoiler Alert*

Marvel have done it again. From the film being first announced I thought it was going to be awful, mainly because of the raccoon, because HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT WORK?! Then I realised, this is Marvel. I love Marvel. If you had to choice between Marvel and DC, I would chose Marvel. Marvel all the way!

Thus, making this review slightly bias – Guardians of the Galaxy was a pretty awesome film. Usually when I come out of the cinema, I usually find some holes to pick in it, but I struggled with this film.  I came out of the cinema with my friends with a huge smile on my face. It was a delightful film, full of humour which was well delivered and the range of characters was fantastic. When we were introduced to the top villain Thanos, it instantly clicked that he was in the ending video at the end of the credits in Thor. The little Marvel nerd inside me squirmed by the way the films were interlocked.

The plot was simple and easy to follow which was nice as the characters were after the orb. The characters back stories were sort of predictable, but it worked how they were all different. And the conflict between the group itself was good, instead of everyone forgiving each other, that would be so boring. I adored Groot and Rockets relationship right to the end. It worked I think you could almost say Groot was my favourite character, despite having basically 3 words to say, “I am Groot”. I am going to admit now, I did tear up slightly when Groot sacrificed himself.

Also a blast from the past, Glenn Close aka Cruella De Vil was Nova Prime. My childhood has come back to me.

Some of the comedy highlights for me was Pratt’s character, Starlord’s references to Footloose and his obsession with is music tape. Just listening to the classics and then hearing him mention ‘Kevin Bacon’, felt so surreal, but so right. Especially towards the end, when Starlord broke into song and dance, in particular his brave thrusting. It might be because I’m a girl, but that thrusting was just perfect. In many films when there is the Good Guy vs Bad Guy scene when one is going to conquer the other. In that pause you sometimes would imagine a funny alternative like one of them dancing or randomly singing, which breaks the atmosphere of the altercation and lighten the mood. Guardians of the Galaxy did that and it worked!

I don’t really have anything bad to say about the film. I was a little disappointed that the present from his mum was just another music tape. I was expecting and hoping for something cooler, like a clue to who or what his dad was/is. Maybe I was jumping the gun a little bit. I’m glad this is part of the Marvel family and I am looking forward to the sequel. Marvel continue to get phenomenally better, especially since the newest XMEN: Days of Future Past, cancelled out XMEN 2 and XMEN 3. Massive sigh of relief there.

The summer selection of films available in the cinema, personally don’t look that good, apart from the new Inbetweeners Movie which has just been released and Guardians of the Galaxy.


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