Script Writing is Harrrrrrd!

Since finishing my exams on the June 10th, I have been very busy. Doing social things, working a lot in the last month as well as balancing my hobbies. Earlier this year I announced I would be partnering up with an actor to create a film. But first, I actually have to write it.

First step was brainstorming, that was easy enough as I have a creative imagination and everything me and my project partner discussed we both liked and plan to adapt the characters as the plot develops. Following a typical structure of a screenplay is simply enough, adjusting it to my preference as well as I am to direct the short film.

The hard part is realism. Setting the characters at a similar age to me, is the easy part. Knowing various slang terms and speech structure in youth has given me advantage especially studying English Language and Media at college has helped. The problem when it comes to writing the script is sitting down and making it flow smoothly and making it realistic. Since the short film is to be a youth drama, covering various typical topics such as drugs and relationships. The problem with me as a writer is my lack of experiences in certain issues such as drugs.

Thus, meaning I have to go out and do research. Talk to people about their experiences and confrontations with certain issues and discuss them. Also to find out certain drug terminology which I don’t know has allowed me to make the script more realistic, and hopefully be able to represent the youth culture in a different way to what we have already seen in other films and television pieces.

I have been working on the screenplay for almost 3 months now, although it is going slowly I believe the finish result will be worth it.

It’s a hard and long process, but *fingers crossed*


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