Web Series: Good Mythical Morning

I’m going to review the web series called Good Mythical Morning…. let’s talk about that! 

As an frequent Youtube trawler, I have many subscriptions that I am dedicated to and will watch every week or day, depending on when they upload videos. One Youtube channel I watch, pretty much religiously is Good Mythical Morning. As the URL suggests, this is their second channel. Rhett and Link’s main channel contains mostly original music videos, such as ‘Christmas Sweatz’ and ‘Get Off The Phone’; comedy videos , ‘Yo Mammy’ and ‘Slamazon’, but they were established first from their surreal yet simple commercials such as ‘Black and White People Furniture – Red house Commercial‘.

The range of videos they produce is one of the reasons I’m now a committed GoodMythicalMorning-HappyBirthdayRhett100Mythical Beast. Good Mythical Morning is a daily weekday show published in the morning (hence the name). Roughly 10 minutes long the show compacts different variables into making it enjoyable: be it top ten countdowns to life experiences. I was first introduced to Rhett and Link through one of their music videos. Don’t ask me which one, because I don’t remember. At the time they had the Mythical show which was roughly 30 minutes long. After a good run they just kept to GMM.

So what is it about Good Mythical Morning that I like about it? Well…

  • Target Audience: GMM is suitable for everybody. Rhett and Link are both married men with kids. Both Rhett and Link sometimes take up a whole episode in sharing a family experience which either was really good or really bad. Adults, teens and children can all relate to family. Past examples over the latest season has shown Link to be a father who has made poor decisions but for the audience at home, his unlucky misfortune and the impact it has had on his family, has been freaking hilarious and when compared to Rhett’s family outings you just feel sad for the guy. He tries so hard!
  • Content: Each episode is unique. They do challenges, countdowns, weird facts and chit chat.
  • Length: Not everybody has the time to sit in front of their computer, laptop, iPad etc. and watch a hour long show everyday. Some people can, but people (like me) can’t be bothered. The 10 minutes provided allows for you to have that break between what you are doing and acts as a short burst of escapism.
  • Good Mythical More: Described as the show after the show, Good Mythical More is essentially behind the scenes of the last episode and a continuation. Usually another 5 – 10 minutes. Sometimes Good Mythical More is better than the original show – it’s for those fans who want more!
  • Crew: The crew behind the scenes, despite being behind the camera they have appeared on the show. They even acknowledged their first crew member leaving (Click here to see video) in a video to them. Thus, showing that they care. Awwwwwww! There is that sense of community which is really sweet. I would love to work with these guys!
  • Mythical Beasts: The fans of the show, like myself I referred to as Mythical Beasts. In most… “fandoms” there is some hidden hatred and friction, but the Mythical Beasts are the nicest collective of people I have ever chatted to. Only the other day I wrote a comment in the video and made someone else smile. Little things like that make your day (apologies for being soppy and having emotions).

If you are a Mythical Beast already or you have never heard of them before, I seriously recommend that you check them out. I told my friend about them and made her watch some of my favourite episodes – she’s now a newly fledged Mythical Beast. Another friend of mine has learnt all the words to ‘Taylor Swift Caption Fail‘ and when he plays it, he sings along and I can’t help but join in!

When I found out about their new show and they set out a announcement for their new search for a female host, I was so excited, but also heart broken. When they announced it I was seriously considering it! I was at the right age and I would love to host a show, especially working with guys such as them. However, the timing was wrong. I’m in my exams and applying for university to study media and geography. The move from England to California wasn’t even the issue. Oh well.

My overall opinion of Good Mythical Morning is that it is one of a kind, cleverly devised web series. The series combines different cultures, facts and modern day issues and presents itself in a mature, yet fun way. After a while I tend to get bored of certain Youtube accounts, but Rhett and Link are an exception. The effort they put into making Good Mythical Morning is phenomenal and I hope it will continue for many years to come.



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