A Technology Dependent Society

My parents joked about when they were younger that there would be all these crazy gadgets and gizmo’s in the future. Just imagine the technology like in WALL-E. From the way we our advancing in technology and the infinite growth of cyber space, we will eventually end up there.

The first ever computer was made in 1822 by English mathematician, philosopher, inventor and echanical engineer Charles Babbage. He is considered the ‘father of the computer’, and he is credited with inventing the first mechanical computer that eventually led to more complex designs.

UntitledApple are the perfect example of how technology has changed. Founded in 1976 Apple is still going strong and is one of the top electronic consumers. The list of products is incredibly long, here is a list of the ones you should most likely recognise.

AirMac® wireless hardware/software solution
AirPlay® software feature
AirPort® wireless hardware/software solution
AirPort Express® wireless hardware/software solution
AirPort Extreme® wireless hardware/software solution
Apple TV® digital media extender
Back to My Mac® software feature
eMac® computer
Final Cut® application program
Final Cut Pro® application program
iBook® computer
iBooks® application program
iCal® application program
iChat® application program
iDVD® application program
iMac® computer
ImageWriter® printer
iMovie® application program
iPad® mobile digital device
iPhone® mobile digital device
iPhoto® application program
iPod® mobile digital device
iPod classic® mobile digital device
iPod Hi-Fi® speakers
iPod nano® mobile digital device
iPod shuffle® mobile digital device
iPod Socks® holder for computer hardware and consumer electronics
iPod touch® mobile digital device
iSight® camera
iTunes® application program
iWeb™ application program
iWork® suite of application programs
MacBook® computer

So… you get the idea. There are a lot of devices out there and then thousands of applications. Apple’s market cap value has gone from $4.8 billion back in the year 2000 to $312.6 billion, an increase of about 6,413% in the past 11 years. Consumers pay a premium for products seen as trendy, well designed and innovative. Apple products are displayed as a fashion accessories as well as a top quality product. Apple has generated intense brand loyalty. Consumers are willing to queue up for the next Apple product on the launch day to get new ones. When the iPad was opened at the US Launch, Apple sold over 300,000 iPads. Apple’s Net Sales as there has been a steady increase over the years until 2009 where it increased more dramatically. Between 2009 and 2010, net sales increased by approximately by $20 billion; whereas the previous year it was roughly a $5 billion. Owning an iPhone has become fashionable, especially owning the most recent model. Owning an iPhone or another type of smart phone is now the 21st Century norm

Technology is now taking the next step, soon we will all be wearing Google glasses. The best factor which I think is necessary is the translation feature, that would be incredibly useful and would reduce the common mistranslated problems tourists have with the locals. We we all be dependent on technology if we aren’t already?

We are already glued to our phones and laptops. I’m not going to deny it, I live off my laptop and phone. I have internet on my phone, which isn’t a iPhone (look at me not following the iPhone trends ooo RISKY). People say (especially the oldies) that it is disgraceful, but social media and technology is how we are able to communicate and share experiences. We have become dependent on technology, the world would work a lot slower than they do now. It’s a benefit of the human race developing and improving our lifestyles. We use technology to work, learn and procrastinate

The PM and the Pope have Twitter accounts. What does that tell you? It seems ridiculous, but that is what the world has transformed into, we all feed off this one platform –

 if we didn’t have it we would be stranded and stuck. Imagine if there was a world wide power cut. Everything has stopped working. Every electronic application wasn’t functional.

How would we cope? If we don’t know something, we don’t go to the library or ask a expert. What do we do? We turn to Google. We search online for the answer. It is a very efficient and effective process. I don’t think people understand how much we rely on things like the internet



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