Sherlock: Fangirl Fanaticism

When looking through Tumblr and various other social networks be wary when you look under the tag Sherlock. For a while I had a Tumblr account, but I got bored of it so quickly as I discovered I am not that much of an interesting person. In that short time and also with friends who have Tumblr and are ALWAYS on it… I have learnt something. FANGIRLS ARE CRAZY! Not all of them, but most are obsessed with it. One big obsession is Sherlock. I am obsessed also, but to a healthy extent. I am not constantly tweeting or posting about how much I love Sherlock or How I want Benedict Cumberbatch to marry me. No, because it’s weird. I keep them thoughts to myself…or with friends if we geek out over something. It’s become a natural thing for fans to do.

Here is a couple examples of some of the stuff you will find on fan sites:


If you Google it yourself you will find a infinite supply of it. This clip from Comic Relief early last year also shows the reaction of those involved. The crew and cast are fully aware of this fact and I think they are using this to their advantage.

On the 1st January 2013 the newest episode of Sherlock was released. After a two year wait on how he (Sherlock) did it. The creators put out an advertisement tying it in with social networking site Twitter with the #Sherlocklives hash-tag. This was a genius idea to bring two media platforms together. Usually in the past I have never seen it to be so successful, but they were able to write it into the story-line which in turn connects the audience. It gives those a sense of escapism and to be closer to the characters. Twitter feeds went mental.

While it shows this wild crazy stalkish side of fandoms it does have it’s bonuses. People are able to talk about things that they share an interest in and people are able to express themselves creativity. It has also highlighted recent attitudes towards sexuality. A large majority ship Holmes and Watson together (as made evident above), this may seem embarrassing to some, but this is just a stepping stone in reducing further prejudices. Showing that being homosexual is okay. It is anyway, but this way it is being publicly promoted. YAY!

There are many fandoms out there, but this is the one I can relate to. There is also a combination know as Wholock… shipping Doctor Who and Sherlock together. It is incredible how much people fixate on fictional things so they are able to be apart of something and to escape to. It’s due to the internet that fandoms have become bigger. More people globally are able to communicate to one another and a lot more materials are accessible online and in different platforms (synergy).


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