A love/hate relationship with Doctor Who

Doctor Who celebrated it’s 50th Anniversary late last year in 2013. When I first got into Doctor Who when it was brought back with Christopher Eccleston and his companion Rose Tyler. At a young age at the time I loved it, it was overall brilliant. When the ‘The Day of the Doctor’ was announced and as the date grew closer old episodes were shown on Watch. As well as a drama called ‘An adventure in space and time’ being aired on the BBC as a tribute to William Hartnell. It was really good and then there were also documentaries which I did watch, which allowed me to understand the history of Doctor Who.

Originally when watching Doctor Who I always thought he was the last one left and I wasn’t aware of the extent of how developed his story line is, especially when having a family. What you have to remember is that when I was first introduced I came in when there had been the great Time War. I just assumed and got it into my head that it was always after the Time War leaving and a greater emphasis was put on because it of the big gap between it. The series was from 1963 – 1989, including the 1996 film. It then made it’s return in 2005 with Eccleston. However, now that I know the history and origin better I can focus on the story lines and characters.

This is where my love/hate relationship starts. My favourite Doctor has to have been David Tennant’s portrayal as the 10th reincarnation. Ultimately because he is the main one I grew up with and I loved his style. It is also a bit biased of me to say I have a bit of a soft spot for him. Eccleston only did one series which is fair enough, but his portrayal was fantastic, putting a dark edge which correlated with the Time War aftermath. Tennant showed this new side of the Doctor. While showing a crazier random side he also kept up the seriousness as shown in his first appearance in the Christmas special. He is shown being playful and childish, but then his personality changes dramatically, showing us the old doctor is still in there. This is demonstrated when the doctor is in a sword fight.

Tennant has numerous companions. Rose Tyler is consequently taken into a parallel universe and can never see him again (until the writers briefly brought her back for big story lines). I liked Rose, but she got on my nerves a bit. Martha was his second companion. She was alright. I haven’t really got anything against her, but she gets her happy ending eventually. My favourite companion has to have been Donna Noble. At first I was skeptical, but I was proven wrong. I think the main reason I liked her was that she brought more comedy and there was no sexual tension. They were best friends and they had a good time. I think people didn’t like her because she wasn’t as attractive as the previous ones, but if you are going to be so shallow you don’t deserve a opinion. If it’s other reasons to why you don’t like her then fair enough. My favourite episode with Donna was the final with the Doctor Donna. I bringing together of past companions and the spin off shows ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’ and ‘Torchwood’ made it extra special. The way Donna left the Doctor must be the saddest one to date. Despite not dying, Donna’s memory is wiped and if she remembers him she will die. I think the hardest part is that the Doctor can’t have his best friend back and only he will have those memories to live on to. I regard this as one of the best scenes ever from Doctor Who.

Tennant last appearance was when he was faced with the Master (John Simm). It was one of the most emotional episodes as he knew it was happening so he visited his friends in his last form before regenerating. This also cleared up some questions like what happened to them? (I bring you back to my comment about Martha).

Okay… so. Up to this point it’s all LOVE LOVE LOVE! Matt Smith is introduced and his new companion Amy Pond. Change is sometimes hard to get used to, so I stuck at it. The characters grew on me and I liked it. However, the last series or two was just utter utter trash. I watched it hoping for some sort diamond on the rough to make me have more faith. The whole River Song being Amy’s daughter was just too complicated. You could call me simple for saying that, but I got the story line, I just thought it was unnecessary. My Dad got so confused he got so fed up and stopped watching it. I like how they died though, despite the Weeping Angels being completely ruined! The first episode showing the angles was a huge success. As a family it was thoroughly entertaining and scary. Then with Matt Smith (not saying it’s his fault, because he didn’t write it *cough* Moffat *cough*) it just got ruined. ‘Blink’ was fantastic and they set rules on how the angels act and how they hunt. In the later episodes this was ruined by the audience being able to see them move. ‘The Angels Take Manhattan‘ was so-so. The statue of liberty… why did you even bother? But in 2013’s Christmas special ‘The Time of the Doctor’, I was livid at the angels appearance. The angel touched Clara, she should have died. It was ridiculous, to benefit us all keep it simple.

I was let down by 2013 Christmas special. Clara needs character development, she is still this empty shell. She is a good actress, I love Jenna Coleman but come on, make us love her. All the others have a background that we can in some way relate to. The series mystery about who is she was such an anti-climax, I was hoping for something bigger. It really really sucked. I still consider myself as a fan of Doctor Who as I still love it, despite my disappointment of late.

I was so happy to hear about Peter Capaldi being cast as the Doctor. It also weeded out those who I consider to be fake fans of the show as they complained about about him being too old. The new series we have seen the Doctor get younger in his regeneration, do these fans expect him to keep getting younger till he looks like Zac Efron? Then we have those arguing about him already being in it before so it can’t happen.

Fact: Both Martha and Amy featured in episodes before being cast as companions. Amy was also in ‘The Fires of Pompeii’ like Capaldi. Martha was in ‘Army of Ghosts’. 

Wrapping up this little rant in a nutshell now. Despite my criticisms and disappointment with the series quality I shall always be a fan. I hope that 2014 will bring a great deal of improvement to the TV show. Doctor Who is one of the biggest things in British culture and I don’t think we should try a damage it. 


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